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            How to promote your tickets on Facebook?

            By publishing your ticket to Facebook, you'll give your Facebook friends and their friends the opportunity to see, but more importantly, buy tickets! It's a quick, easy and very effective way to get the information out to potential customers and sell tickets.

            You can promote your ticket on Facebook from the ticket page itself. Click the Facebook button and if you're not already logged in to Facebook, a Connect with Facebook screen will appear. Log in using your Facebook log-in email and password. You can also promote your tickets on Facebook by clicking the 'Promote My Tickets on Facebook' link under the Sell Tickets tab on the top navigation bar.

            If you've never before accessed Facebook from within your Ticket Pro account, you'll need to grant permission to Ticket Pro to publish and update your ticket details on Facebook. (Don't worry, we'll never publish ticket details on Facebook unless you specifically tell us to.)

            Once you're logged in to Facebook, your basic details - ticket name, date/time, location, category, description - will appear. You can edit or add new information to the ticket name and/or description fields to modify how the ticket will appear in Facebook. (Facebook controls which fields are editable). If you are the administrator of a fan or group page on Facebook, you can choose to publish to either of these pages, or to your personal page.

            When you're finished, click Publish to Facebook. Congratulations! You have now published your ticket on your Facebook page. Your Facebook friends and contacts will now be able to view details about your ticket or service and to register by clicking on the link to your Ticket Pro ticket page.

            Updated: 08 Feb 2013 01:11 AM
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