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            How to Install Ticket Pro Facebook App

            Ticket Pro is continuously striving to offer the most efficient way to sell tickets. Ticket Pro just launched an app that can help businesses sell tickets directly from their Facebook pages, and take their ticketing to wherever their Facebook fans are.

            You'll need to switch from using Facebook as the business page to using Facebook as yourself to install apps. You need to log-in to your personal profile first and then later on select the page where you want the app to be added (see #3). In addition, if you’re using an account that is not an Admin for a Facebook Business Page, or your Admin Role for that page is not permitted to add apps/tabs then you will still not be able to install any app onto it. Ensure that you have all the permissions needed before doing the steps below.

            Steps in installing the Facebook app:

            Get started by logging in to your personal Facebook profile.

            2. Go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/appcenter/ticketproqr and click on the Go to App button.  If the Go To App does not appear, you are most likely logged in as your profile page, see the note above.

            3. Select the Facebook page where you want the app to be added and click on ‘Add Page Tab’

            4. You will be directed to Facebook front page, and you will see the Ticket Pro tab installed

            5. Click the tab to open and view the tickets available – select the tickets you want to be displayed on your page then click ‘Save’

            6. Once you’re done selecting the ticket/s – you can start selling on your Facebook page.

            When prospect buyers visit your Facebook page, all they need to do is click on the Ticket Pro tab, select the ticket to purchase and they will be linked directly to your Buy Page as seen below.

            Updated: 10 Jul 2013 02:33 AM
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