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            Custom Integration of Tickets for sale in your website

            If you have your own website you can post information about your Ticket Pro page by embedding a widget to generate ticket sales or by using your Organizer RSS Feed.

            To generate a widget, go to Ticket Report page, and click on the Create Ticket Widget for websites under the Marketing Help section on the right side.

            Select the ‘Create Ticket Widget for websites’ and a pop up would appear, giving you two layout options – small and medium widget.


            You will see a preview of the two forms at the top, and a code which can be copied and pasted onto your website.

            Alternatively, you can use your Organizer RSS Feed to access the current listing of live tickets. If you don't know how to use this, you need to use a plugin or developer that knows how to take the RSS Feed and integrate it in your desired style. We will be improving the functionality of this over the coming months, but would love to hear your thoughts on features you would like to see. You can access your RSS Feed via the Buy Ticket Page (lower right hand corner – below the Organizer Info), and Organizer page (below the organizer description). In addition, visitors of your page can also click on the RSS icon to subscribe to a RSS feed to keep them updated about the event / deal. 

            Updated: 05 May 2013 05:07 PM
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