Recording Voice Script

            To record a voice script, first find a quiet area where you can record without significant outside noise.

            1. when you area ready to record, first add your 10 digit phone number where indicated

            2. Press "Call Now to Record Script" to have the system call you.

            3. Please follow the phone prompt for two options: A) recording all script components, one at a time or B) pressing the number for each script component and recording it individually. If it is a simple message you may only need to record one message. When the message is recorded, the status will change to "recorded". After recording a message you can also follow the message prompt to listen to your recording and re-record it as needed.

            4. When complete with your recording(s) press save and close to exit out. The script's status will now change to "Recording Complete"

            Updated: 12 Jul 2017 05:04 AM
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