Create Voice Script

            To record a voice script, you must first navigate to the voice page for that message:

            1.  Keep text to speech unchecked if you want to record the message, check text to speech if you wish the entire script to be played through one of our automated text to speech voices.

            2.    Choose if you want to use Advanced scripting which involves collecting a touch tone response from recipients, adding an intro message, or sending a separate message for Voicemail (see Advanced Scripting for details).

            3.    Main Message: Type your voice message in the Main Text Message field

            4.    Merge Tags: Selecting Add Merge Tags will allow you to add certain key tags to the message. Tags correspond to fields in your recipient/contact data, and can be used to include personalized or dynamic content in your messages. For more information see “Getting Started with Merge Tags” under “Help”.

            5.     Text to Speech Voice: Select a Text to Speech Voice. Even if you are recording the message the text to speech voice may be used for certain tags such as time, date and name.

            6.    If text to speech was checked, you can skip this step. if unchecked, select Voice Record Message and follow the steps in Recording Voice Script to have the system call you to record the message with your own voice.

            7.  Select Test Script to enter a phone number and have a test voice message sent to the phone number.

            8.  Select Next to create/edit the next content type or progress to the recipients section.

            Updated: 12 Jul 2017 05:07 AM
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