Create Text Messgae

            To Create or edit an existing Text Message, first navigate to the Text Message associated with the Message you have created (if you haven't already, you need to create a new message )

            1. Type your text message in the Main Text Message field. Under the text field you can see how many characters are left per text message. If a message exceeds the number of characters in that text message (160 Characters for English) it will be counted as multiple text messages.
            2. Selecting Add Merge Tags will allow you to add certain key tags to the message. Tags correspond to fields in your recipient/contact data, and can be used to include personalized or dynamic content in your messages. For more information see “Getting Started with Merge Tags”.
            3. Select  Send test message to enter a phone number and have a test text message sent. Any tags in the message will appear as the tag name.
            4. Save and Exit to exit to the messages page
            5. Back to return to the previous page
            6. Next to create/edit the next content type or progress to the recipients section

            Updated: 29 Jun 2016 02:50 AM
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