Contact Profiles

            Profiles Overview

            A contact profile is a record of that contact which includes contact information, opt-in preferences, message history and additional details. Users can find individual contacts by going to the Contacts --> All Contacts and searching or browsing for their contact

            or selecting their associated Contact Group and searching or browsing for their associated contact.

            1. Opt-In / Out Preferences

            Use the checkboxes under Text / Email / Voice to opt-out or opt-in contacts from receiving messages.

            2. View Profile

            Select Edit --> View Details to view the properties in the profile. Select the Edit button to edit the profile and Cancel to return to the contacts page.

            Scrolling to the bottom of the page will display the message history for that contact.

            3. Add New Profile

            To add a contact profile:

            1. select the + button next to the group the contact is being added to.

            2. Add the contact information and additional details as needed. certain fields like Language will be drop-down menus.

            3. Press “save” to save the new profile, “save and new” to save and create another new profile, and cancel to not save the current profile and return to the contacts page.

            4 Edit Profile

            The contact profile can be edited by selecting Edit → Edit Details for the associated record.

            To save changes to contact, select Update. To cancel changes, select Cancel.

            5 Delete Profile

            To Delete a contact Profile, find the profile and select Edit→ Delete Record

            Updated: 06 Apr 2017 10:41 AM
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