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            Adding a TimeTrack Calendar Shortcut to Your Desktop (Google Chrome)

            Adding a TimeTrack Calendar Shortcut to Your Desktop Using Google Chrome

            Difficulty: Easy

            Time: < 5 minutes

            1)      Log in to your TimeTrack Web calendar.


            2)      Click the Options Icon (3 horizontal lines) in the upper right of the screen to access the ‘Options’ menu.  Select ‘Tools’ and then ‘Create application shortcuts’.

            3)      On the ‘Create application shortcuts’ menu, choose the locations where you would like to place shortcuts, and click ‘Create’.

            4)      Your TimeTrack calendar will reopen in a streamlined browser, and shortcuts will be placed in the locations you specified.  At this time, you may wish to rename the shortcuts to “TimeTrack’.  To do this, simply right click the shortcut, and choose ‘Rename’.  You can then name the shortcut anything you like.

            NOTE:  In the streamlined browser view, Chrome menu options (such as Reload and Print) are accessible by clicking the TimeTrack logo at the upper right of the window.

            Updated: 23 Jan 2013 12:06 AM
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