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            How do I schedule a free pick-up?

            1. Box your electronics and jewelry. There is no need to individually wrap each item. We recommend separating 'layers' of items using newspaper and placing any jewelry that was collected in a sealed plastic bag. Please avoid using styrofoam packing materials such as styrofoam 'peanuts'. Styrofoam is a kind of plastic made from oil and will not break down in a landfill. Recycling Fundraiser does not supply shipping boxes. Use any sturdy office boxes your organization may have, e.g. copier paper and other office supply boxes. Reuse reduces waste and saves money.
            2. Print a FREE prepaid shipping label online at FedEx Shipping or request a label from our customer service department.
            3. Each box shipped must have a separate tracking number. DO NOT Photocopy labels. Print one label for each box. FedEx will not deliver shipments that use photocopied labels.
            4. Please keep your number for reference until Recycling Fundraiser advises we have your shipment.
            5. Please give your packages to any FedEx driver or call 1-800-GoFedEx to schedule a free pickup for a package using a "Ground Return Label". If you would prefer, you can drop the package off at any FedEx location
              If you are not able to get your package to FedEx please call us at 1-888-326-7466 or email
            Updated: 14 Oct 2015 02:18 PM
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