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            Transition problems on a presentation

            When you use a PowerPoint presentation in an iPoint playlist and on the iPoint player computer you have the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer installed, and not the full PowerPoint product, then it might happen that the viewer is not respecting the transition times that you have set for each slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

            There is a reason for this problem that you will not see with the full PowerPoint product installed.
            To solve this problem, open the PowerPoint presentation with the full PowerPoint product on your design computer. Then click Transitions option in the PowerPoint menu and look at the Advance Slide option in the ribbon. Make sure that you uncheck the option to advance On Mouse Click and make sure to check the After option and set a time interval. Click the Apply to All option or check each slide individually.

            Save the presentation and restart the iPoint player at the player computer. It should be fixed now. The slide show will now advance and respect your automatic transition time as set on the slides. It makes no sense to advance on clicking at a iPoint computer or display since you have no user interaction there.
            Updated: 17 Aug 2015 08:02 AM
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