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            How to use it?

            Open a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and click CounterPoint > CounterPoint settings in your Microsoft PowerPoint menu.

            On the CounterPoint settings form you can set the minimum and maximum value of the counter value used in this presentation. When you start the slide show it will automatically continue with the last number when you saved the presentation unless you check the Reset counter when slide show starts option. A shared database can be used in case you have multiple computers and monitors. In the scenario this database is used to store the running counter value.

            While the slide show is running you can right-click your mouse to get a settings form. On that form you can change or correct the number when needed. With the auto close option enabled you can get the settings form closed automatically after an idle time as specified here. When this auto close option is disabled you are forced to close the form manually by clicking the OK button.

            Furthermore you can set the default behavior when auto-closing the form. The first option (use the new counter) will use the value entered in the textbox. The second option (ignore the new counter value) will ignore the newly entered value and will continue with the old known counter value.

            You can have normal non-counter slides and counter slides in your presentation. The non-counter slides can hold general information without the counter itself. With this option enabled the slide show will show general pages (non-counter slides) when the counter functionality is not used. Whenever the counter is updated it will hide the general slides and display slides with a counter only. After the timeout specified it will again hide the counter slides and display general slides only.

            When you have this option enabled, a running counter slide show will always go to the first counter slide in your presentation when you update the counter itself by left-clicking the mouse. If this option is disabled, a running CounterPoint slide show will continue with its counter slides.

            When desired you can play a notification sound whenever the counter updates. Click Browse to locate your multimedia file (wav or mp3).

            To use it start the slideshow by clicking Slide Show > View Show to start the presentation. Now you can use the left mouse click to advance the number with one.
            Updated: 18 Nov 2014 11:10 AM
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