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            How can I test connectivity between iPoint server and clients?

            iPoint components communicate with each other by talking over a computer port. By default this port number is set to 8000. You have to make sure that your system allows this communication over this port. Make the necessary changes at your firewall and anti-virus to allow this type of communication. You can run a little test to verify that your system accepts this communication.

            Click the Start button and type in ‘cmd’ in the Search box and hit Enter. A command prompt application will be started. At that prompt now type in ‘telnet [ipserver] [portnumber]’ and hit Enter.

            [ipserver] represents the ip address or computer name of the iPoint server machine. The [portnumber] represents the port number that is used for your iPoint communication.

            If the command returns an empty screen, then the communication is allowed and should be operating correctly. Proper communication is not allowed when you get error messages. Press F6 to close the connection. In case of a successful connection, you will now see error messages when ending. These errors and messages can be ignored.

            Updated: 18 Nov 2014 07:36 AM
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