Adding Products and Categories Onto Your POS System

            1. Log in to Your POSimplicity Online Management Portal
            a. Navigate to the Online Management Portal URL Provided to you After Your Account was Created (It will be something like YourAccount.posimplicity.biz/admin)

            b. Use the Username and Password Provided to You After Your Account was Created.

            2. Adding Categories
            a. Scroll Over “Catalog” and Click on “Manage categories”. (Located in Grey Navigation Bar Near the Top of the Website)

            b. Click on “Default Category” so it’s highlighted (Located on right Hand Section of Screen)

            c. While “Default Category” is highlighted click on “Add Subcategory” Button

            d. Enter in the Category Name in “Name” Text Box

            e. Choose “Yes” from “Is Active” Drop Down (Located Right Under “Name” Text Box)

            3. Adding Products
            a. Scroll Over “Catalog” and Click on “Manage Products”

            b. Click on “Add Product” Button (Located in Upper right Hand Side of the Screen)

            c. Press “Continue” when the Attribute Set and Product Type Page is Displayed, These Default Values Should NOT be Change (Attribute Set:: POS System / Product Type: Simple Product)

            d. Fill Out the Following Information on “POS Items” Section (This Section Opens by Default) Only Change Fields Noted Below,
            i. Name: Enter Product Name Here

            ii. SKU:
            1. If Using Bar-code Scanner – Enter in SKU Number from Bar-code for this product

            2. If NOT Using Bar-code Scanner – Enter in the name of the product or any other unique value for this product. (Each Item Needs a Unique SKU Number)
            iii. Status: Enabled

            iv. Price: Enter the price of the product.

            v. Tax Class:
            1. If Charging Tax on This Item – Select “Taxable Goods”

            2. If NOT Charging Tax on This Item – Select “None”

            NOTE: Contact POSimplicity to set your tax amount. Send the request online be clicking HERE or e-mail us at Support@POSimplicity.com .

            e. Inventory - If You Want to Manage Inventory Please Contact Us to Request Inventory Management Be Turned On. After Inventory Management is Turned On We will Send Instructions That Cover Adding Inventory for Items.

            f. Fill Out the Following information on “Categories” Section (Navigate to this section from items listed on the left hand side of the screen)
            i. Check of the Box Next to the Category (or Categories) you want this product to be displayed in.

            g. Fill Out the Following information on “Custom Options” Section (Navigate to this section from items listed on the left hand side of the screen)
            NOTE: This section in NOT REQUIRED, it should only be used if you want to add options for an items. IE- Size, Color, Toppings, ETC (Inventory, Sales Reports, etc are based on individual products, Options selected for a product are not shown in reports)
            i. Click the “Add New Option” Button

            ii. Enter in the title of the option
            1. This Will Be Displayed Above Your Option Choices on the POS will be

            2. You can Add Multiple Options Sections Like Size and Color.
            iii. Click “Add New Row” button to add in your options.
            1. Enter in the Following Information
            a. Title: Enter in the Name of the Option, IE Small, Medium, Large

            b. Price:
            i. If There is No Difference in Pricing If This Custom Option is Selected– Enter in 0.00 for this option and the price you entered in Step 3E1 will be used if this option is selected.

            ii. If There is an Additional Fee or Discount if this option is Selected– Enter in the amount you want to charge over or below the product price you entered in step 3E1.
            c. Type: Fixed

            d. SKU – leave blank

            e. Sort Order – leave as 0
            h. Click on the “Save” Button in the Upper Right Hand Corner of the Screen

            4. Syncing Your Products and Categories to Your Tablet
            a. Log into the POSimplicity App on Your Tablet

            b. Tap on “Admin”
            i. Located in lower right had section of App. You may Have to Swipe from Right to Left to Reveal the “Admin” button as it’s in the second section of this area.
            c. Tap on “Sync Data”
            i. Located on the Left Hand Side of the Screen
            d. Tap “Sync Full App”

            e. Tap “Continue”

            f. Log into the App Again – You Should now see All of the Products and Categories You Entered

            Updated: 27 Nov 2017 01:14 AM
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