FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In the interim report - should we report costs up until now, or the planned cost for the entire experiment
  2. Am I allowed to participate in more than one proposal?
  3. If a proposal is labeled as "not eligible", is it possible to "appeal" or change the proposal to make it eligible?
  4. Is VAT an eligible cost
  5. Can I manage who the results of my experiment are shared with?
  6. Legal notice
  7. What (if any) limitations apply to my use of the OrganiCity Facilities for implementation of my experiment?
  8. What will happen with my experiment at the end of the OrganiCity project?
  9. Who owns the intellectual property (IP) of my experiment?
  10. What are the legal implications of collecting and processing personal data through my experiment?
  11. Will I be able to use the OrganiCity logo and branding for my experiment?
  12. What technical support/maintenance services will be available to me during my experiment?
  13. Will others (including the OrganiCity partners) have access to the feedback I provide on the Facilities?
  14. Will I own the feedback that I provide on the Facilities?
  15. Will others (including the OrganiCity partners) have access to the results of my experiment?
  16. Will I own the results of my experiment?
  17. How long will I have access to the Organicity Facilities for my experiment?
  18. What (if any) limitations apply to my use of the OrganiCity Facilities for exploitation of my experiment results (incl. commercial or third party use) outside the scope of my experiment?
  19. Who is allowed to apply?
  20. Which city do I have to work with? Do I have to develop an experiment to run on all the OrganiCities?
  21. What are the key attributes an experiment must have in order to be selected for the open call?
  22. The open call states that experiments must have a co-creation strategy, what does this mean?
  23. What is ‘experimentation as a service’?
  24. Which language shall I use when developing the project?
  25. How skilled at information technology must I be in order to develop an experiment successfully?
  26. Are there any seminars, workshops, etc. to learn more about OrganiCity?
  27. Apart from the technical facility, is there any other kind of support OrganiCity can provide for the success of my project?
  28. Will you provide a working space?
  29. How can I find someone with a certain skill to join my team?
  30. Should I use the OrganiCity Facility to develop my experiment?
  31. How much financing can I apply for?
  32. How long can the lifespan of my project be?