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            DB restore template


                  Ask him to Follow the steps below

            Step 1:
            1. Stop OpUtils Service
            2. Take a Manual Backup of entire existing setup(just zip the directory)
            3. Uninstall the OpUtils Service completely from his setup
            4. Clean up the OpUtils Folder if it has any files
               Step 2:
            1.  Download OpUtils from website and install
            2.  Start OpUtils for initial files to be create.
            3.  After Successful Start, Stop the OpUtils Service again
            4.  Download the DB Backup from the below link:
            5.  Place it under bin folder
            6.  Execute restoreDB.bat <backup-zip-file-with-full-path>
                       For Example: restoreDB.bat
            7.  After the batch execution is complete.
            8. Download the Jar file which has fix for Alias Name issue
            9. Replace the AdventNetOputils.jar which is under <Installation_Directory>/OpUtils/lib which can be found from the above link with the file name AdventNetOputils.jar which is in the attached Zip.
            10. Start Oputils Service.
            11. Apply the License file , AMS file again
            12. Note : The password has been reset to default(admin/admin). Ask him to change it again
            13. Check and update us the status

            Updated: 14 Nov 2016 11:02 PM
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