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            What is the system's sensitivity level when calculating results for each category?

            Since our system uses language norms in order to calculate results, the sensitivity level will depend highly on these norms. At the moment, the default language norm that is available takes into account general communication preferences of American English native speakers. 

            For example, it is common that most American English native speakers communicate using kinesthetic or visual words much more than they do with words referring to sounds. It's important to remember that each subcategory of results has an independent sensitivity level. Adding or removing a few words that refer to feelings might have a slight impact on the kinesthetic communication result, while adding or removing the same number of words referring to sounds will have a much bigger impact in the auditory result. 

            Keep in mind that the sensitivity level is a percentage-based value, so the length of your text will also have an important role. For a short text, adding or removing a few words will have a much bigger impact than it would have for a longer text.
            Updated: 16 Jul 2015 04:52 AM
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