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            What are the areas of application?

            The IntenCheck text analysis software can be used for the following purposes:
            • To prepare speeches with predetermined characteristics in order to impact the target audience in a desired way;
            • To create advertising and marketing content that draws a powerful emotional response from the target audience;
            • To identify differences and similarities between texts (articles) that create a desired result and those that don't;
            • To improve the communication between people who may be separated by their use of vocabulary and natural style of processing information in order to focus on results;
            • As a research tool in the field of psycholinguistics and its related disciplines;
            • As a tool in sociological and sociolinguistic research;
            • As a writing aid for journalists and writers;
            • For content analysis of texts;
            • For media monitoring;
            • As a tool for analyzing information and detecting changes in patterns of communication (for the targeted sources);
            • As a tool for researching the communication profiles for specific people or companies.

            The system allows:
            • to evaluate the unconscious emotional impact of a text;
            • to define the characteristics of the desired effect and purposefully adjust the text based on the selected parameters in order to achieve the desired effect;
            • to carry out a full analysis of the text content based on the built-in categories and subcategories of results.
            Updated: 29 Jun 2015 06:23 AM
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