Troubleshooting FuzeDrive Operation/Performance

            Blue Screens or System Hangs
            1. First, ensure you're using the latest version of our software (see enmotus.com/support).

            2. If you are tiering with an NVMe, please use the NVMe driver from the manufacturer.

            If your NVMe manufacturer does not have a driver, you might try another manufacturer's driver; but proceed at your own risk as your system could become unbootable.  You will need to use the Device Manager, and you will be warned that it isn't designed for your hardware.  Record the .sys file name before you reboot.  If your PC doesn't boot, in the recovery environment you can try Safe mode or open the command prompt and copy C:\Windows\system32\drivers\stornvme.sys (the Microsoft driver) over your new .sys file (which will be located in the same folder).
            NVMe Driver Links:
            OCZ/Toshiba (highly recommended for RD400/A)
            Samsung (highly recommended for EVO)

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