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            EHX Admin Guide: Creating a Custom Export Map

            EHX Admin Guide: Creating a Custom Export Map


            There are times when a client will want to retrieve data for reports, review, or just general reference. We can create a custom data export that is generated from the interviews or company data contained within the site. The client can retrieve this information via email in a protected .csv file if they wish. 

            Creating a New File Definition for a New Export: 

            In order to create a custom data export, you will have to tell the system what specific data you need to be pulled. To do so, you must create a new file definition. This is a .csv file with the specific fields you wish to pull listed.

                  1. Open an excel sheet
                  2. Add the fields you wish to pull on Row 1.You can name the fields whatever you wish. (The actual mapping will be done with
                      the correct data objects and variables)
                  3. Save as a .csv file
                  4. Log into EHX
                  5. Click on Import/Export and then Import/ Export Profile
                  6. Click on New File Definition 
                  7. Upload the .csv file and continue
                  8. Create the file definition by entering a Definition Name and the data details:
                            a. The header row will be 0
                            b. The data row will be 1
                            c. The total fields will be the number of data fields you entered in the .csv
                            d. The type will be Export

                  9. Click Save and then Return

            Editing the Export Profile:       

            Once the profile has been created, you will have to map the fields to enable the data export.

                  1. Click on Import/Export and then Import Export Profiles
                  2. Click on Data Maps next to the profile you wish to edit

                  3. Click on New Map

                  4. From this page, you can now do the following:
                            a. Enter the map name
                            b. Update contact email address and password for exported file (not required)
                            c. Complete the mapping by choosing the correct Data Object and Variable for each data point you required
                            d. Click Save Map

            TIP: There are quite a few Data Objects and Variables to choose from. Each Data Object will have its own set of variables. If you inadvertently choose the incorrect data point, you can go back and edit this at any time! More information on editing later in this document. 

            Exporting the Data: 
            Once the profile has been mapped and saved, you can view the results and retrieve the data.

                  1. Click on Import/Export and then Import/ Export Data
                  2. Click on the Export Data tab on the file you wish to export

                  3. Choose the search parameters that you require and then click Export

            Export Map Options:
            • Export requests in this status: Request type status- Approved by Admin, Pending Admin Review, Incomplete, Waiting for Employee eSign, Additional Information Required, etc.
            • Export requests of this type: Request Type- Employee Onboarding, I9, ReBoarding, Personnel Change, etc.
            • Export records from this location: You can choose “Any Location” to pull all records for all locations or use the drop down to choose a specific location.
            • Run for all, or Only New Records not previously flagged as Exported: Here you have the option of running the report for all records or only new records not previous flagged as exported. So if you’ve previously run this report and flagged THOSE records as exported, you will only pull records that fit your search parameters since the report was run. (More on this option below)
            • Flag Records as Exported?: This will flag records as being exported so the next time you run this report and choose Only New, you will pull new records since the last run. This is helpful if you need updated information on a regular basis and have a large amount of files to get through. 
            • Download file or send via email?: You have the option of sending an email with a password protected csv file OR you can download the data on the screen after clicking export. 
            • If exporting via email, recipient email address (if other than default): If a default email address was added to the map when it was created, it will already be populated in the box. If you need to send it elsewhere, you can simply change the email here before hitting the export button

            Opening the Protected File: 
            If the option to send a protected file was enabled, you will need to complete the following steps to open the.csv:

                  1. Email will be sent by NOREPLY@efficientforms.com 
                  2. Download the file as it will be contained in a compressed zip folder
                  3. Open the zip folder and click on the file
                  4. Enter the password that was added during the export configuration

            TIP: There are quite a few Data Objects and Variables to choose from. Each Data Object will have its own set of variables. If you inadvertently choose the incorrect data point, you can go back and edit this at any time! More information on editing later in this document

            Editing the Data:
            By clicking on Data Maps under the Import/Export Profiles you can view, edit, and/or delete the current maps as well as add a new map. You can also change the default email address and password here.

                  1. Click on Import/Export Profiles under the Import/Export header
                  2. Choose the profile you wish to edit by clicking on Data Maps

                  3. Click View/Edit

                  4. Click Edit Map

                  5. Make any necessary changes and then click Save Changes

            TIP:  You can only edit the following fields:

            • Contact Email Address (remove or update) 
            • Password for Exported Zip File (remove or update)
            • Data Object
            • Variable
            • Description (if applicable) 

            If you need to update the number of fields or the CSV Field Name, you will have to create a new .csv file with the additional headers/Field Names and complete a new profile.




            Revised: January 2019

            Updated: 16 Jan 2019 03:27 AM
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