ACA Reporting: Milestones Overview

            ACA Reporting: Milestones Overview

            Milestone Checklist Purpose:

            This Milestone Checklist will be used by clients to meet required items needed by Efficient Hire to ensure that 2016-17 ACA IRS Reporting is completed on time. The 2016 ACA Calendar with Tasks attached to this article will give you timelines to follow - it is a live Document, please use the link in the button below for the most up to date Calendar.


            IRS Deadlines:

            These are the IRS deadlines for all clients who are participating in ACA reporting:

            • January 31, 2018 - Distribution of 1095C to eligible employees
            • March 31, 2018 - Electronic submission of 1094C to the IRS

            All deadlines flow back from these important dates. You are responsible for getting this information to Efficient Hire in the required data formats to ensure timely completion of ACA Reporting.


            You must provide ALL REQUIRED INFORMATION by the milestone dates noted in the Project template or it will jeopardize your ability to meet these deadlines.


            Templates are attached to your ACA Calendar for updating the information below

            Required Contact Information:

            •  Owner/President of the Company
            • ACA Administrator
            • Payroll Administrator (will send payroll data)
            •  Benefits/Health Insurance Broker

            Employee Data:

            • ONE EMPLOYEE IMPORT will be processed by the Efficient Hire Services Team for any employees that need to be added to the Client EHX Portal.
            • Additional employees can be added manually or EF will process additional imports for a fee of $125 per electronic file after the initial gratis import.

            Employee Hours:

            • Hours must be updated for each month in 2016 to ensure accurate codes are calculated on the 1095-C forms.
            • The final hours import for your December 2016 payroll must be uploaded to Efficient Hire by January 10, 2018.

            Coverage History:

            •  Coverage History for your Benefit Plan must be done for any 1095-C employee. It will include enrollments, cancellations and declines for any eligible employees.
            •  Self insured plans will require spouse and dependent information, also. These are critical for completing Line 14 and Line 16 of the 1095-C.

            Benefit Plans:

            • All Benefit Plans for must be in the system to accurately complete Line 15 of the 1095-C.
            • This includes the Employer and/or Employee Contribution amounts. Please refer to the Benefit Plan Setup Document for the required information and instructions.

            Please contact the Efficient Hire ACA Team if you have questions!

            Updated: 16 Jan 2019 04:00 AM
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