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            Rosters - Unarchive a Student

            There are three student statuses in Edcite:
            1. Active - student is actively in the class

            2. Archived - student is no longer in the class but data for the student can still be accessed

            3. Deleted - student and all associated data is completely delted from account

            If a student has been accidentally archived, that student will need to be unarchived so that he/she may become an Active Student. Follow these instructions to unarchive a student.

            A. All Students - on the Rosters page, click the All Students button.

            B. Archive Tab - click the archive tab to see all archived students.

            C. Select student - check the box next to the student you would like to unarchive.

            D. Restore - click the Student Actions button and select Restore. Confirm the action by clicking the Ok button. The student will now be restored into your Active Students list. If you want this student to be part of a class, you will need to add the student to the desired class.

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            Updated 4 Sept 2018

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