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            Environmental Science Journal for Kids Contest

            Follow these step by step instructions to enter our Environmental Science Journal for Kids contest and earn a chance to win a $30 Starbucks Gift Card!

            Teachers whose assignments have the most student submissions in Elementary School, Middle School, and High School by 11:59 pm on November 17, 2017 will win! Three teachers in each school level will receive a $30 Starbucks gift card.

            1. Visit Environmental Science Journal for Kids. Find an Environmental Science Journal for Kids article that you would like to use.

            2. Click the Download Article button to open a PDF of the article a new window in your browser. Keep this window open for later.

            3. In a new window, log in to your Edcite account.

            4. From your top navigation bar, select Content and then click Create Assignment.

            5. Enter the assignment name in the space provided and add SJEdcite2017 to the end of your assignment name. This step must be completed in order for your assignment to be entered into the contest. Click the (+) button to add a New Question to your assignment.

            6. Click the Create Question button in the pop-up window.

            7. Choose the type of question you would like to create and then select the Create Question button.

            8. Create your question.  For more assistance on how to create a question, click the link below for step by step instructions.


            9. In the stimulus box for your question, you will want to add the Environmental Science Journal for Kids article.  To do this, click the Blue Pencil button to open your Rich Text Editor.

            10. Click the Embed Document button.

            11.  A pop-up box will open. Toggle back to the Environmental Science Journal for Kids article and copy the url.  Toggle back to your Edcite page and paste the url into the space provided. Click the Insert button and then click the OK button in the Rich Text Editor.

            12. At this point you can finish creating your question.  Don’t forget to tag state standards to your question.  For more information about Tagging State Standards, click the link below.


            13. Add as many questions to your assignment as desired.  Once you have finished adding all the desired questions to your assignment, click the Save button. Change the status of your assignment from Draft to Active and then click the Share button.

            14. A pop-up box will open. Add a description of the assignment, the Grade, and Subject, and click the Share button. This step must be added in order for your assignment to be entered into the contest.

            Good Luck!

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