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            Telkom First Bill / Pro rata

            What should I expect to see included on my first Telkom bill?
            Your first bill will include charges that you incurred in the month that you took out your contract PLUS the subscription amount for the current month(Pro rata). If you need further help with your invoice, you can Talk To Telkom.

            What does ‘pro rata’ mean?
            It means your bill is divided up into what you've used rather than paying for the whole monthly fee. So if you sign up for a deal on the 15th, for example, you only pay for what’s left of the month. This way, you won’t pay for services that you haven’t used.

            Device fees on your first invoice:
            These fees will be charged double and in full on the 1st invoice even if the contract is taken on the last day of the month.

            Now that we know what pro rata is, the attached table will assist with an indicative pro rata first bill amount, simply enter you monthly package amount due, and the day it was activated i.e. 17, and an indicative first bill amount will appear. (Please Note, this is merely an indicator to what your bill will be, and not the exact amount).

            If you have indicated your “Max Debit Order Amount” to be that of your package, please note, Telkom will only debit this amount, and there will be a balance due on your account that you will need to pay into Telkom manually.

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