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            International Dialling from PBX

            Dialling international numbers is sometimes a bit tricky as you need to have the right prefix when dialling the desired number.  

            You also need to have an outbound route set in your IP PBX that will allow for international numbers to be dialled. 

            International Number Dialling 
            If you need to dial international numbers from your IP-PBX the following steps need to be used: 
            Step 1: Make sure you are dialling the correct code prefix 
            Most International numbers will be given to you with a + sign as a prefix. This must be replaced with 00 followed by the 
            international code. Examples: 
             USA Dialling Code: 1 
            Google Headquarters USA: +1 650 253 0000 You Dial: 001 650 253 0000 
             UK Dialling Code: 44 
            Harrods UK +44 (0)20 8479 5100 You Dial: 0044 20 8479 5100 
             Australia Dialling Code: 61 
            Sydney Opera House: +61 2 9250 7111 You Dial: 0061 2 9250 7111 
            Step 2: Make sure your IP PBX Outbound Route allows for International dialling 
            When setting up the outbound call routes in the IP PBX system, you can block or allow international calls by changing the 
            dial pattern allowed: 
             10 X’s (XXXXXXXXXX) – This will only allow 10 digits to be dialled, therefore eliminating the possibility of dialling 
            international numbers. This can be set per extension, therefore only blocking certain individuals from dialling 
            international numbers. 
             X. – This will allow any amount of digits to be dialled, and will therefore allow international dialling. 
            *If you are unable to dial international calls contact your DSL Telecom Branch to change your outbound route. 
            Step 3: Make sure international call barring is not activated on your network provider’s 
            side (Telkom, Vox, Neotel etc.) 
             Each network you use to make external calls can block you from dialling international numbers on the network 
             This is the safest way of blocking international calls. 
            *If you are unable to make international calls contact your network (Vox, Telkom, Neotel etc.) to deactivate international 
            call barring. 
            Step 4: Security Considerations 
             If you do not make international calls as part of your day to day business then protect yourself from the very real 
            potential security threat of toll fraud and block international dialling completely. 
            The following steps can be taken to prevent unauthorised international calls being made from your phone system, avoiding 
            unexpected and potentially high international phone bills: 
             Restrict your outbound route on your PBX to 10 X’s e.g. XXXXXXXXXX 
             Activate international call barring on your network’s side (Telkom, Vox, Neotel etc)
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            Updated: 06 Jul 2014 06:39 PM
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