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            LTE | Huawei B315 / B525 | How to change my WiFi password

            How to Change your Wireless Network Name and Password:

            1. Once your computer has been connected to the router, navigate to the router’s web interface by opening your internet browser and typing the following:

            2. You be directed to the below page.

            3. Log in with the default access user name and password. Username: admin Password: admin (This is located on the bottom of your LTE Router). You will be prompted to change the password, for security purposes we recommend that you change this to something more secure and note down and keep somewhere safe for future reference.

            4. Once you are logged Click on the Settings Tab at the top and then click to expand the WLAN on the panel on the left.

            5. Click on WLAN Basic Settings

            From here you can change your SSID (Wireless Network Name) and WPA pre-shared key (Wireless Password)
            Once you have made the relevant changes and are happy click on Apply at the bottom right, and you will be all set and ready to go.

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