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            User guides are in PDF format (get Adobe Reader here). Clicking on a link will open a new browser window.
            Manufacturer user guides for items we sell are provided as a courtesy and Jim's Model Trains is not responsible for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions contained within. This page was last updated Oct 5, 2015.

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            Broadway limited
            Diesel Locomotive Manual
            Diesel Locomotive Tech Guide
            Steam Locomotive Manual
            Steam Locomotive Tech Guide
            DCMaster Analog Control Manual
            Quantum Engineer Manual
            AR-1 Auto Reverser
            AR-2 Auto Reverser w/Delay
            DF-1 Detector/Flasher Module
            FL-2 Flasher Module
            FL-2HD Flasher Module
            TD-1 Time Delay Circuit
             Smail Switch Machine
            Tortoise Switch Machine
            Tortoise Switch Machine Locked Fix
            Tortoise Remote Mount

            CMX Track Cleaning Car

            DCC Concepts
            Cobalt Switch Machine User Guide (2.56Mb)
            Cobalt Digital Switch Machine User Guide (1.32Mb)

            DH163D Decoder
            DH165IP Decoder
            DN143IP Decoder
            DN143K2 Decoder
            DN146IP Decoder
            DN163I0 Decoder
            DN163K0A Decoder
            DN163K0E Decoder
            DN163K1B Decoder
            DN163K1C Decoder
            DN163K1D Decoder
            DN163K2 Decoder
            DZ125IN Decoder
            DZ126IN Decoder
            DZ125PS Decoder
            DZ146PS Decoder
             SDH104K1A Decoder
            SDH104K1C Decoder
            SDN136PS Decoder
            SDN144A0 Decoder
            SDN144A1 Decoder
            SDN144K0A Decoder
            SDN144K1E Decoder
            SDH164D Decoder
            SDH164K1A Decoder
            SDH164K1B Decoder
            SDH164K1C Decoder
            SDN144PS Decoder Digitrax Decoder Selector
            Decoder Manual v2
            AR1 Auto Reverser
            DS64V4 Accessory Decoder
            FX Wiring Decoder Wire Diagram

            Miller Engineering
            4802 Power Supply
            4803 Power Supply
             4804 Power Converter
            4805 Power Distribution Board

            DCC Specialties
            PowerPax Programming Booster
            PSX-1,2,3,4 DCC Circuit Breaker
             PSX-AR DCC Auto Reverse Module
            PSX Tips Hints & Tips
            ITT Products
            GCS/IR-1 Grade Crossing Signal Controller
            HQ Sound Modules
            HQ to LRT GCP Wiring Instructions
            HQ to NCE BD20 Wiring Instructions
            HQ to NJI FlashMaster Wiring Instructions
            HQ to NJI ServoMaster Wiring Instructions
            HQ ARC Arc Welder Module
            LT200 Thunder & Lightning Module
            11211/11212 Interior Lighting Kit
            EM13 Decoder
            EM13 GS4 Install
            HO P42 Decoder install
             29352 FL12 Marker/Tail Light Decoder
            29353 FR11 Interior Lighting Decoder

            Logic Rail
            12VPSR Power Regulator

            Photocell Detection Versions
            BA-1 LED Signal Block Animator
            BA-2 LED Signal Block Animator
            BA-SBCA Bulb Signal Block Animator
            BA-SUPP BA Supplement
            BA-BLMA BA BLMA Supplement
            GCP Grade Crossing Signal Animator
            OD-1 Optical Detector
            SA-1 LED Signal Animator
            SAD-SBCA Bulb Signal Animator

            Infrared Detection Versions
            BA-1-IR LED Signal Block Animator
            BA-2-IR LED Signal Block Animator
            BA-SBCA-IR Bulb Signal Block Animator
            BA-IR-SUPP BA Supplement
            BA-IR-BLMA BA BLMA Supplement
            GCP-IR Grade Crossing Signal Animator
            OD-1-IR Optical Detector
            SA-1-IR LED Signal Animator
            SAD-SBCA-IR Bulb Signal Animator
            1026 Decoder
            1027 Decoder
            1028 Decoder
            1611 Decoder
            1612 Decoder
            1613 Decoder
            1614 Decoder
            1615 Decoder
            1616 Decoder
            1617 Decoder
            1618 Decoder
            1619 Decoder
            1620 Decoder
            1621 Decoder
            1622 Decoder
            1623 Decoder
            1624 Decoder
            1629 Decoder
            1630 Decoder
            1631 Decoder
            1632 Decoder
            1633 Decoder
            1634 Decoder
            1636 Decoder
            1637 Decoder
            1638 Decoder
            1639 Decoder
            1641 Decoder
            1642 Decoder
            1643 Decoder
            1644 Decoder
            1645 Decoder
            1651 Decoder
            1656 Decoder
            1645 Decoder
            1651 Decoder
             1656 Decoder
            1657 Decoder
            1658 Decoder
            1659 Decoder
            1660 Decoder
            1662 Decoder
            1663 Decoder
            1664 Decoder
            1665 Decoder
            1666 Decoder
            1711 Decoder
            1712 Decoder
            1713 Decoder
            1714 Decoder
            1715 Decoder
            1716 Decoder
            1730 Decoder
            1731 Decoder
            1800 Decoder
            1801 Decoder
            1802 Decoder
            1803 Decoder
            1804 Decoder
            1805 Decoder
            1806 Decoder
            1808 Decoder
            1810 Decoder
            1811 Decoder
            1812 Decoder
            1815 Decoder
            1817 Decoder
            1818 Decoder
            1819 Decoder
            1820 Decoder
            1820v2 Decoder
            1821 Decoder
             1823 Decoder
            1825 Decoder
            1827 Decoder
            1828 Decoder
            1829 Decoder
            1832 Decoder
            1833 Decoder
            1834 Decoder
            1862 Decoder
            1866 Decoder
            1867 Decoder
            1869 Decoder
            1902 Decoder
            1905 Decoder
            1906 Decoder
            1908 Decoder
            1909 Decoder
            1910 Decoder
            1911 Decoder
            1913 Decoder
            1915 Decoder
            1916 Decoder
            1917 Decoder
            1922 Decoder
            1952 Decoder
            1952 GG1 Speaker
            1955 Decoder
            1956 Decoder
            1957 Decoder
            1958 Decoder
            1959 Decoder
            1960 Decoder
             1025 Sound Box
            1050 Black Box
            1200 Tech6 2.0
            1200A Tech6 2.0 Addendum
            1201 Tech6 6.0
            1370 Railpower DC

            1422 Prodigy Explorer DCC System
            1408 Prodigy Express DCC System
            1410 Prodigy Wireless DCC System
            1414 Prodigy Advance DCC System
            1417 Prodigy Elite DCC System
            14xx Prodigy Tips & Tricks

            1411 Prodigy Wireless Throttle
            1412 Prodigy Wireless Conversion
            1515 Wireless Computer Interface
            1516 Cable Computer Interface
            1520 Decoder Dr.
            1521 8-Amp Booster
            1527 Circuit Breaker
            1528 3.5-Amp Booster
            AA552 Sound Station
            AA555 Symphony 77
            AD520 Auto Reverser

            Sound Decoder Library
            870 Semaphore Animator

            DZ1070v HO/N Sensor/Controller

            SD70ACe DCC Ready
            SD70ACe DCC & Sound
            SD70M-2 DCC Ready
            SD70M-2 DCC & Sound
             8010001 Crossing Gate Set

            ATLO Decoder
            ATLS4 Decoder
            BACH-DSL Decoder
            D13DRJ Decoder
            D13NHP Decoder
            D13SR Decoder
            D13SRJ Decoder
            D13SRP Decoder
            D14SR Decoder
            D15SR Decoder
            D408SR Decoder
            D408SR Harness
            D808 Decoder
            DASR Decoder
            H15/16-44 Decoder
            KRSSR Decoder
            N12A0 Decoder
            N12A2 Decoder
            N12K0A Decoder
            N12SR Decoder
            N12SRP Decoder
            N14IP Decoder
            N14SR Decoder
            NAVO Decoder
            NIMFT-A Decoder
            NIMFT-B Decoder
            NMP15 Decoder
            P2KSR Decoder
            SW9SR Decoder
            Z14SR Decoder
             Power Cab v1.65 DCC System
            Power Cab v1.28 DCC System
            Power Pro DCC System
            Power Pro Wireless DCC System
            PH-10 10 Amp DCC System
            PH-Pro 5 Amp DCC System
            Twin DCC System

            Cab04e Handheld Cab
            Cab04p Handheld Cab
            Cab06 Handheld Cab
            Cab06R Handheld Cab
            Cab06p Handheld Cab
            Cab06pR Handheld Cab

            SB3a Smart Booster
            SB3a Add Addendum
            SB5 Smart Booster w/Power
            DB5 Dumb Booster w/Power
            PB105 5 Amp Booster
            PB5 5 Amp Booster w/Power
             Auto-SW Auto Switcher
            BD20 Block Detector
            DTK Decoder Test Kit
            Dual Relay
            EB1 Circuit Breaker
            No Halt
            PCP Power Cab Panel
            RB02 Wireless Base Station
            RPT1 Wireless Repeater
            UTP CAT5 Cab Bus Panel
            UTP RJ12 Cab Bus Panel

            QSnap Mk2 Accessory Decoder
            Snap-It Accessory Decoder
            Switch-It Accessory Decoder
            Switch-It Mk2 Accessory Decoder
            Switch-8 Accessory Decoder
            Switch-8 Mk2 Accessory Decoder
            Switch-8 Mk2 Button Board
            Switch-Kat Accessory Decoder
            NJ International
            LED Signals Wiring Instructions
            Blub Signals Wiring Instructions
            ABSMaster Wiring Instructions
            FlashMaster Wiring Instructions
            ServoMaster Wiring Instructions
            ServoMaster Programming Instructions

            A6X Decoder
            ALD4 Decoder
            AMD4 Decoder
            ASD4 Decoder
            B-MB1 Motherboard
            B-MB2 Motherboard
            B-MB3 Motherboard
            CN Decoder
            CN-GP Decoder
            DP-5 Decoder
            EU621 Decoder
            EU651 Decoder
            FL4 Decoder
            IB-MB1 Motherboard
            IB-MB1-NC Motherboard
            IB-MB2 Motherboard
            IB-MB2-NC Motherboard
            IMF4-NF Decoder
            K0D8-A Decoder
            K0D8-B Decoder
            K0D8-C Decoder
            K0D8-D Decoder
             K1D4 Decoder
            K1D4-NC Decoder
            K2D4 Decoder
            K3D3 Decoder
            K4D6 Decoder
            K4LK Decoder
            K5D7 Decoder
            K6D4 Kato FEF Decoder
            LL8 Decoder
            MP-15N Decoder
            P2K-MB1 Motherboard
            RTR-MB1 Motherboard
            VO-1000 Decoder
            WOW101 Steam Decoder
            WOW101 Steam-KA Decoder
            WOW101 Diesel Decoder
            WOW101 Diesel-KA Decoder
            WOW121 Steam Decoder
             CV Table
            Simple Programming Guide
            Plain English Programming Guide
            Additional Programming Guide

            TrainSpeed1 Speedometer
            TrainSpeed4 Speedometer

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