What to do if your church is placed incorrectly on the map

            When viewing your church on the map in Bless Every Home, it is possible that it will be placed in the wrong location. Our system uses Google Maps to locate your church and place it on our map. If your church is not placed correctly on Google Maps, it will also not be placed correctly in

            To resolve this, begin by searching for your church in a normal Google search (not in Google Maps).

            On the right edge of the results page, you should see the business information panel for your church. If you do not, try changing your search to be either more or less specific until the correct church is shown on the results page. If your name is different in Google's database, you will need to type it as it appears in Google. You will have an opportunity to suggest a change to the name in the process described below. Once you have located the correct business profile, you will see a link that says 'Suggest an edit'. The link has been circled in red in the screenshot below. Click the link to begin to change your church's location.

            This will allow you to edit much of the information about your church as it appears in Google searches. For changing the location, click the pencil icon next to the address field.

            Click and drag the map to pan around your location. Make adjustments until the red 'pin' is over the correct location.

            Once the 'pin' is in the correct location, click the 'SEND' button to send your request to Google.

            Google will contact you regarding the status of the changes. Their site warns that it may take some time for the edits to show up on their map.

            Alternatively, you can use Google Business to claim the church as your own which will give you more control over the information Google provides as well as let you respond to reviews of your church that have been posted to Google.

            Note: Any other information changed by Google (such as address/name/website) will not be reflected in Bless Every Home. If you need to edit one of these pieces of information in Bless Every Home, please submit a HELP TICKET and one of our site administrators will assist you in correcting or updating your church's information. 

            Updated: 27 Nov 2019 12:29 AM
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