Signing your Association of Churches up for the Online Community Connector

            For your organization to begin using the Online Community Connector, you must first create a user account on 

            1. If you have already have an account, skip to the next step. If you do not already have an account on, you can click here to view an article on the initial signup process. That article explains how to sign up for an account which automatically creates a Light role. The function of the Light role is for you to pray directly for your personal neighbors. This account will be your personal account. Other administrators at your organization will be able to use their own accounts as well, so we recommend that you use your real name when setting up your account. You will have an opportunity to name the association later.  

            NOTE: If your association already has an account with, you will need the current administrators to add you as an administrator.  The steps below only apply to associations who are new to You can find instructions for adding an administrator to an existing association HERE.
            1. After you have created your account, it is time to add a role as an Association. From a new account after confirming your email, click 'MY ACCOUNT' in the upper right-hand corner of the page to be taken to your account page.

            1. You will then see a button under the 'Your roles' section that allows you to add a new role to your account. Click the 'ADD ROLE' button. The 'Add new role' box will always be the last box in the list of your roles no matter how many roles you have.
            2. Click the 'ADD ASSOCIATION' button to start setting up your association.
            • The first step of signing up your association is to find it. Use the search field (A) to find your association. It helps if you enter your city first followed by the name of your association. Select the correct option that appears in the suggestion box as you type. Once you see your association listed, click the name in the suggestion box. This should cause the box to disappear and be replaced by the name and address of your association. If your correct option does not appear, use the magnifying glass (B) button to run a search based on your input. If you absolutely cannot find your association, press the '+' (Cbutton and enter its information in the fields that appear. When done, click 'CONTINUE TO STEP 2'.

            NOTE: If you are having trouble finding your association or you cannot select it because the system says that your church has already signed up, CLICK HERE to submit a help ticket and we will gladly help you. It helps if you use the same email in the help ticket as you use for your account. 

            • In the next step enter the number of churches that are in your association. The 'Memberships' section allows you to affiliate your association with other associations that use Bless Every Home. This step is optional, so if you do not belong to an association, do not feel obligated to check a box. You can always add an association later in your account settings. Read through the terms and conditions and check the 'I Accept' box to confirm when you have read them. Click continue when you are done. 

            NOTE: Affiliating your association with another association in the 'Memberships' will give them access to view your association's dashboard (if you are subscribed as a Partner Association), all of your associated churches' dashboards (if they are subscribed as a Partner Church), and the dashboards of all of the Lights who have affiliated themselves to your association or a church that is part of your association.  

            • You should now be taken to the association's subscription page. The first box labeled 'Bless Partner' is for associations that want to be able to track the progress of all of the Lights in your association's churches' congregations who are using 'New Movers' refers to our service that gives organizations a weekly list of up to 25 names and addresses of the newest people that have moved into their area. The 'Community Connector' box will subscribe you to the Online Community Connector. This powerful tool allows you to get household information for nearly every house in your association's area. For more information on these services, click the yellow 'LEARN MORE' button under each service. This article is focused on the Online Community Connector so for this example we will choose an option in the third box. The price of the Online Community Connector is based on the size of your association that you entered when registering your association. You can Click Here to see the different prices for differently sized associations. It is cheaper to pay for the annual subscription rather than the month-to-month, but is up to your association what works best for you. Regardless of which option you choose, the Online Community Connector is an annual commitment for the first year. If you choose to do the monthly recurring subscription, you must complete 12 payments. You can then cancel anytime after that.

            • Once you have selected which subscription to proceed with, you will be prompted for a coupon code. Coupon codes are sometimes given to associations for trial purposes or in instances where a pre-payment has been worked out. If you don't have a coupon code, just hit 'CONTINUE' to proceed to the next step. 

            • On the next page, enter your credit card information. We accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Cards. Verify that the information typed is correct and then click 'SUBSCRIBE' to finish the subscription process. You can also click the Verified Merchant Seal to be reassured that your payment is being processed securely. 

            • Once your payment has been processed, you will now have a 'MAP' icon on your yellow navigational ribbon at the top of the page of your association role. Click it to be taken to the Online Community Connector. All other administrators of your association will also have access to the Online Community Connector through their association roles as well. 

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