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            How accurate is the information provided on my prayer list?

            When we create your prayer list with your 40 closest neighbors, we populate your list with names and addresses from our master database. This database includes information for over 120 million households and is updated from our data supplier every six weeks. It is the nature of large data-sets such as this that there will be inaccuracies or outdated information especially considering that people are frequently moving, changing their names, passing away, etc. To help combat this problem we give you multiple tools to adjust and curate your prayer list. 

            1. If you find a home with names that are incorrect or a person has moved out, you can edit either of the first names or the last name by following these instructions:

            1. If you find a home that is completely wrong you can remove it with the following instructions:

            1. If you find that a home on the map does not have a neighbor icon on it, you can add that home manually with the following instructions:

            1. If you find a clump of homes on your map that are not from your neighborhood you can either use the "Remove a home" instructions from above or use the following instructions to adjust your neighborhood borders to not include that clump of homes:

            Updated: 30 Jul 2019 02:47 AM
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