Finding your area's new movers

            The New Movers function is an optional add-on to the Online Community Connector, though you may also subscribe to just the New Movers service to receive your monthly new neighbors plotted on a map. This will give you 100 of the most recent people that have moved into your area in the last month. These neighbors are the most likely to be looking for a new church home. 

            If you have not already subscribed to the Online Community Connector, subscribing to the New Movers program will add a 'Map' icon to your church's dashboard. Click this icon to be taken to the map to view your new movers.

            Click the New Movers button on the control panel of the Online Community Connector to access your new movers.

            If you have not subscribed to the New Movers service, your control panel will display this message:

            If you see this message, it means you are not subscribed. You can subscribe by selecting an option on your organization's subscription page on the main Bless Every Home webpage.

            NOTE: The new movers are processed and added to the map once a month. When you subscribe, you will not see any in your account until the next batch is added. The cut-off for this report is the first Monday of the month. That month's new movers will be processed, added to your account, and will usually be ready to view within two days.

            Once you have subscribed to the New Mover program, you will see the following on your control panel. You can toggle the icons on and off by checking or unchecking the box near the yellow diamond. You can click the yellow diamonds on the map to open up information about that household including how far that person moved. Click the 'DOWNLOAD' button to download a .CSV of these households.

            Updated: 19 Nov 2019 04:32 AM
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