Understanding Roles

Understanding Roles

Understanding your roles is a very important part of getting the most out of Bless Every Home. 

When you create your account a Light role will be automatically created for you. With this role, you can pray for your neighbors and track your progress with them. 

To manage your roles, click 'MY ACCOUNT' in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Your current roles will be displayed near the top of this page. When you first create your account, you are assigned a single light role that is created from the name and address that was entered :

From here you can view your role or add a new one. Most users will never need more than their first light role. You light role will default to providing you with 40 neighbors to pray for but can be edited to have up to 250 neighbors. If you add a second light role to your account, you can enter a different address and have another set of 250 neighbors assigned to you. 

A user can have multiple roles. It is important to remember that you will need to switch roles by clicking your name in the top right corner of the page and choosing the correct role. 

To add a new role, click the 'ADD ROLE' button on the box that says "Add new role". No matter how many roles you have, this box will always be at the end of your list of roles.

Once you click the 'ADD ROLE' button, you will see the following options. A description of each role can be found below. 


  • LIGHT - A light role is the default role that is created when you first sign up for Bless Every Home. This role gives you a list of your neighbors to pray for and gives you the tools to track your progress with them. This role is always free and you can create multiple light roles. Most of our users will only use the light role.
  • CHURCH -  A church role is designed for churches to be able to track their church members' progress praying for their community. Creating the church role does not have a fee associated with it, but access to their church members or other information will not be seen until the appropriate subscription has been selected. If you are not an administrator in your church, do not add a church role . There is an option to add your church to your Light role by clicking the 'SETTINGS'  icon on your Light role dashboard. 
  • ASSOCIATION - An association role is for administrators of an association of churches to be able to connect with and track the churches that belong to their association that is using Bless Every Home. Creating the association role does not have a fee associated with it, but access to their church's progress or their member's progress will not be able to be seen until after an appropriate subscription has been selected. If you are not an administrator of an association of churches, do not add an association role . There is an option to manually associate yourself with an association which can be found by clicking the 'SETTINGS' icon on your Light role dashboard.

The important thing to note if you have multiple roles is that in order to see the information for each role, you will need to switch to the corresponding role by clicking your name in the top right corner of the page and selecting the role that you want to view. If you are a church administrator that has a church role as well as a light role, you will need to switch roles to see either your personal progress or your church's progress. Each role has it's own dashboard. You will need to make sure you are viewing the correct one.

NOTE: If you are still unsure about roles, please submit a help ticket to ask any specific questions. 

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