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            The WebServices synch process asks for internet access whereas internet access is available on the website. It gives the following error message - "Please make sure that you are connected to the internet"

            Please make sure of the following:

            • The following ports - 80 and 443 are open

            • Get the latest updates from Microsoft for the system and the Internet Explorer and try again. We use wininet.dll to access the internet. More info is located below:

            • If none of the above works, please create a ticket to contact our Support Lines with the following information

              • open the DOS Prompt and run the following command: tracert and please supply us with the results in the ticket

            Info about wininet.dll -

            More info can be gleaned from -

            The wininet.dll file is a 32-bit dll file, that comes with the Windows operating system. The wininet.dll file contains functions globally known as the Wininet API. This API provides internet access functionality to caller applications, using Internet protocols like the http protocol for example. The wininet.dll file is integrated with Internet Explorer; this API is originally intended for Internet Explorer but it is widely used by a number of Internet enabled applications. Since the wininet.dll works in conjunction with Internet Explorer, and this browser comes with the operating system, the wininet.dll file should be available on any PC having a 32-bit Windows operating system.

            If there is a problem with the wininet.dll file, various error messages may occur. Do not manually handle or delete this file, it is an important component for the good functionality of your Windows operating system and it is used by a large number of applications.

            For newer operating systems like Windows 2000, 2003 and XP, the wininet.dll file is handled automatically by the system. You can get the latest version of the wininet.dll file by accessing the
            Windows Update website. It is always recommended to get the latest version of the wininet.dll file, because there are new internet- based operating system flaws discovered as time goes by, and the most recent version protects your computer from such security risks. A proper firewall is also recommended to be deployed on your computer, to help with protecting your computer from any unauthorized accesses.

            Owners of older Win9x operating systems can solve their wininet.dll errors by accessing the Microsoft website and downloading the most recent Internet Explorer version available for their operating system. A download link of such Internet Explorer version is provided right
            Updated: 10 May 2013 04:27 AM
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