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            How to Update Categories Displayed on Sales Rep Portal

            In order to update the categories (or products/customers) on a sales rep portal, it is necessary to first make the corresponding update for the B2B site (even if you are only using the sales rep portal).

            1. Go to "Web" > "B2B Web Services" > "Customer Product Settings".

            2. Select the customers you wish the categories to be visible for.

            3. Select the categories you wish to be visible on the site.

            4. Make any desired changes on the remaining tabs (optional).

            5. Click "Save & Close" and then "Synchronize Data."

            6. On the synchronize screen, ensure that the "Web Service Type" is set to "B2B" and click either upload option.

            7. Go to “Web" > "Sales Reps” tab and click “Sales Rep Settings”

            8. Select the sales reps you want to update visible categories for.

            9. Select the categories you wish to enable for the selected reps. Then click Save & close.

            10. On the “Web” > “Sales Reps” tab, click “Synchronize Data"

            11. Ensure that “Sales Rep” is listed in the “Web Service Type” drop-down box. Then click either upload option.

            At this point, the categories selected for B2B and Sales Rep portal will be displayed on each site. 

            Note: If a category is missing on the sales rep portal, please double check that it was selected to be displayed on the B2B site and that an upload to the B2B site was completed. If the category is only enabled on the sales rep portal but not B2B, it will not be displayed.
            Updated: 19 May 2016 04:44 AM
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