AdvancePro Technologies

            Cannot Connect to Database message is displayed when logging in

            Please confirm that the following criteria has been met:

            • The AdvancePro Client and the AdvancePro Server are of the exact same version
              • To check versions, go to C:\ Program Files (x86) \ AdvancePro \ AdvancePro.exe
              • Right click on AdvancePro.exe
              • Go to Properties
              • Then click on Version to check the number
            • The Client and Server must either belong to the same Domain or the same Workgroup
              • If the Network is a Domain 
                • The computers can have dynamic or static IP address
              • If the Network is a Workgroup
                • The computer can only have Static IP addresses
            • TCP -1433 and UDP ports must be open on Client and Server
            • If any of the XP computers have Service Pack 2
              • Disable the internal firewall
              • Go to Control Panel
              • Click on Network Connections
              • Right click on Local area Connection and go to Properties
              • Next select Advanced Tab and you will be able to disable the firewall

            Steps to follow if the above criteria have been met:

            • Ping the Server from a Client
              • Open the DOS prompt
              • Type : PING server_name
            • Check on the Client Registry whether Server name exists
              • Access the client computer
              • Click on Start Menu
              • Click on RUN
              • For Windows XP and others
                • Enter REGEDIT
              • For Windows 2000 only
                • Enter REGEDT32
              • Click on OK
              • The registry editor opens
              • Now click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
              • Click on SOFTWARE
              • Click on AdvancePro
              • On the Right Hand Side the keys are listed
              • Double click on SQL Server
              • Under value data it must read server_name\AdvancePro
              • If the Server Name is not the Server Computer name, you can always change it in the Value data key
              • If your server has Static IP address, you can enter\AdvancePro instead of the Server name
            Updated: 10 Aug 2015 04:19 AM
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