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            Customers Import Guide

            Customers Import Guide

            Importing from Excel

            Instead of updating individual records one at a time, AdvancePro allows you to add or update information about your customers, products and Customers in a batch by importing from Microsoft Excel. Customer specific pricing for specific products can be imported as well.

            Import Schemas

            Download the following schema to prepare your data for importing into AdvancePro:

            Customers Import Schema


            1. Please make sure to avoid spaces in headers. Use underscores instead.


            For Example:

            o COMPANY NAME – incorrect

            o COMPANY_NAME - correct

            2. The first sheet must be named “Sheet1”. Notice that there is no space between ‘Sheet’ and ‘1’.

            3. No other sheets should exist except for ‘Sheet1’.

            4. Make sure to save the file as an ‘.XLS’ file.

            5. Format everything to ‘Text’ format.



             You can have any name for the headers as long as you follow rule #1 and avoid using special characters.

             The order of the headers does not matter.


            Importing Customers

            Before proceeding with your vendor import, you may wish to download and review ‘Sample Customers Import Schema.xls‘.

            1. Create the spreadsheet of Customers that you will be importing and save it as a ‘.XLS’ file. You can fill out the ‘Customers Import Schema’ with your information.


            NOTE: COMPANY_NAME is a required field in your spreadsheet.  ACCOUNT_NUMBER is required if you are updating existing customer information, and the customer account number must first exist in AdvancePro.  Importing without an account number will result in the creation of a new customer account.  The rest of the fields are optional.




            2. Prior to importing any files into AdvancePro, it is highly recommended to create a backup of your current database. Instructions for backing up can be found in our Knowledge Base.



            3. Access the “Utilities” menu in AdvancePro.

            1) Click “Admin” to bring up the Admin panel.

            2) Click “Utilities” to access the Utilities menu.


            4. Access the “Import Customers” screen.

            3) Click “Excel Import/Export”

            4) Click “Import Customers”



            5. Select the file you would like to import and map your headers to the correct AdvancePro fields.

            1) Click “Browse” and find the file that you would like to import. This will populate the headers from your Excel file on the right-hand side.

            2) Match your headers to the AdvancePro fields and click “Map”.

            3) Once you have finished mapping your fields, click “Next”.


            6. AdvancePro will then provide you with an opportunity to confirm your mapping. Once you are satisfied that the fields have been mapped correctly, click “Import”.


            7. AdvancePro will alert you of important changes that will happen once you confirm your import. Once you have read and understood the message, click “Yes” to proceed with your import.



            8. You will then receive a message confirming that your import has been completed successfully. Click “OK” and your import will be complete.




            9. For further help, visit the knowledge base. 

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