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            AdvancePro V11.4 Release Notes

            New Features:

            • E24 - Customer Pricing has received a major update - which allows you to adjust many customer pricing  settings from a single location in the software.
            • C54 - Customers can now be grouped into a larger Company - Pricing can be imported for all customers in a Company group.
            • E145 - Improved readability on variant product configuration.
            • C250/275 - Improved reporting for Users that are also sales reps.
            • C251 - Sales rep users will only be able to view, not edit product data.
            • C252 - Sales rep users will only be able to place orders under their own sales rep profile
            • C253 - Sales Rep users will only be able to view their own customer orders.
            • C256/260 - Searches results can now be filtered to narrow results further.


            • C150 - Fields in Order importing have been corrected.
            • 625 - UOM Pricing will now update when the product price is updated.
            • 667 - Assembly items will no longer show with the incorrect icon.
            • 742 - Product details  for an assembly item will no longer show the incorrect cost price.
            • 754 - View All Products will now sort stock levels Numerically as opposed to alphabetically.
            • 787 - Vendor Quote will print Correctly now.
            • 812 - DD/MM/YYYY format will now be acceptable for order import.
            • 880  - Customers receiving a 100% discount will now receive the correct discount on their orders.
            • 941 - Drop Shipments now work better with Volume Discounts.
            • 946 - fixed database error on the Product Transaction History screen.
            • 953 - You can now print a customer PO opened from a Credit Memo usinng SmartPrintPro.
            • 958 - QB Payments can now import for Invoices Created through Drop Shipments.
            • 963 - QB invoices will now have the correct amount when using Markup promotion codes.
            • 965 - Credit Memos will now export to QB Properly
            • 968 - Inventory adjustment history will not be erroneus if quantity is deleted during adjustment.
            • 971 - Order Cross reference fields will now behave properly on order import schema.
            • 976 - Customer exports will no longer have the error requiring that the name field be cleared when exporting to QB.
            • 982 - Cancelling a partially received VPO will now result in correct behavior.
            • 984 - Service items will behave properly when processing on a customer order.
            • 985 - Customer billing/shipping addresses will now import correctly.
            • 988 - Barcodes on AdvancePro documents are now readable by more scanners.
            • 989 - Initial import of Assemblies from QB will now show a log file if there are errors from multi-level assemblies.
            • 991 - Error when adding new customer shipping addresses will no longer occur.
            • 1001 - Order Matrix Orders will now print correctly.

            Updated: 24 Feb 2017 05:08 AM
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