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            AdvancePro V11.2 - Release Notes

            AdvancePro v11.2 includes a wide variety of new features including batch invoicing, Enhanced QuickBooks syncing, and improved import of multi-level assembly items from QuickBooks.

            See the full Details below:

            NEW FEATURES

            • Improved Shipment report (by customer)
            • Multi level BOM import from QuickBooks
            • Excel export now supports multiple vendors per product data exporting
            • Excel export now supports multiple customer address data exporting
            • Tracking numbers can now be exported to QuickBooks
            • Changed sub-item settings will now sync to QuickBooks
            • A Pick All button has been added to pick slips to quickly pick the required amount.
            • The Cost of Goods In Stock and Committed report has been improved.
            • Users can now create multiple invoices from pending (Batch invoicing)
            • Users can now create a Pre-Arrival notice for your customer and vendor orders.
            • Drop shipping/partial drop shipping has been improved
            • Users can now Generate a 940 Warehouse Shipping Report (non-EDI)
            • Users can now see the extended cubed dimensions of your product on a CPO or VPO
            • Users can now disable dashboard reporting
            • Custom column selection on the customer order screen can now be specified by user role type
            • Users performing a customer or product export can specify that the export will contain only active customers/vendors
            • Tax groups can now be applied to Credit Memos to 3 decimal places.
            • Cost prices are now shown for components of Assembly items on the BOM info screen


            • Receiving batches now accounts for unit breakdown.
            • Batch numbers can be deleted without a reservation error
            • Email button is now disabled on an unsaved vendor order
            • Incorrect syntax error with QuickBooks solved
            • EDI orders will no longer import as blank
            • You can now ship partial shipments if you were missing Lot/serial numbers on previously shipped items
            • Customer account numbers for customer jobs should now import correctly from QuickBooks
            • “Index was outside bounds” error resolved when syncing invoices with promo codes to QuickBooks
            • Sub items no longer duplicate when users mark all items to re-export to QuickBooks
            • The wrong field will no longer import from QuickBooks as company name
            • Negative amounts on partial shipments will no longer occur
            • Serial numbers will not duplicate when applied to a customer return
            • Transaction history will now show Duplicated Purchase Orders
            • Sales tax will now update on EDI orders
            • Vendor Returns now export to quickbooks properly with item breakdowns
            • Users can no longer ship orders multiple times
            • Users can now partially receive vendor orders when 0 quantity items require serial numbers
            • Corrected hyperlinks for duplicate order numbers
            • VPO received quantity is no longer editable for non-drop-shipments
            • Pick/Pack/Ship slips with Variants will no longer produce duplicate printouts
            • Vendor Order Printing issues have been resolved
            • Pick/Pack/Ship slips will be sorted by SKU, except where they are sorted by Picking location first
            • Work orders that are picked in the warehouse will now show under the view history button in view all products.
            • Taxes will now be applied to negative adjustments
            • Deleting a line item from an order with multi currency will no longer delete all items.
            • Sales rep report will now capture payments from quickbooks.
            • The Carrier name will now export to QuickBooks if it’s length is longer than 15 Characters.
            • Users can now select the warehouse for a related vendor order to be delivered to while they are processing a customer order 
            • The Email Button on "Customer Invoices / Credit Memo's" window Works now
            • Imported BOMs now set a QB Product Name
            • The sales tax can no longer be negative.
            • Pricing imports now result in the correct prices being populated
            • It is no longer possible to delete items that have sub-items (avoiding QB sync issues)
            • The LNM Classes Error resulting from pricing imports has been resolved
            • ORders will no longer apply tax to adjustments if the products are all non-taxable
            • Work orders at picking stages will no longer force lot/serial numbers
            • The exchange rate that exports to QB for invoices and bills will be correct
            • Sorting of Fulfillment Dates of Work Orders is now Chronological, not alphanumeric
            • VPO now get created when an item kit is out of stock
            • Work orders appearing blank/greyed out should no longer occur
            • Breakdown quantity for products on pending vendor bills will now be taken into account
            • CSV for order import has been re-enabled
            • Sales Rep Portal will provide more consistent search results
            • Drop shipped product with unit breakdowns will create correct information on the customer invoice
            • You can now enter a part number on a BOM item search in the assembly item screen
            • FIFO/LIFO reports will now generate properly
            •  Cost-price import for non-primary vendors will no longer update the master product cost
            • In Picking stage, you will now be able to filter by lot number when assigning a lot
            • Sales report by customer error resolved
            • Fixed MC prices on bills are rounding correctly
            • Column width dynamic for on PPS slip (Smart Print)
            • Payments received in QB are now showing in AP (when 'query invoices' setting is enabled)
            • Address details can now be updated on customer orders with the same top line
            • Shipping is not taxed if setting is turned off 
            • UPC COde scanning is possible on In-Direct Work Orders
            • Items on direct invoices are now updated with 'Shipped' status and show up in history
            • Vendor bill for non-default currency shows correct currency
            • Batch# qty showing accurate stock on PPS Slips
            • API Integration settings added to Utilities
            • Lot/Serial # manufacture date captured when receiving customer return
            • Lot/serial #s can be assigned on indirect work orders 
            • Customer Pricing Import now working for item kits
            • Support for exporting custom assembly to QB added
            • Product specific promo codes error in QB sync fixed
            • Order import no longer overwrites Original Price with order price
            • Fixed issue with importing new products via EDI
            • Payment Terms are populated on EDI order import
            • EDI orders can now be processed via Direct Bill Option
            • Fixed error with custom barcode scanning on Work Orders
            • Tax calculation fixed on orders with mixed promo codes
            • Fixed order import in .csv format

            Updated: 24 Nov 2016 04:01 AM
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