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            Order Import Guide

            1. Go to Admin > Utilities > Click the Order Import tab and then click Load Import Tools


                               2. Create a Schema for your order import and hit Save to finalize



                    3. You may now proceed to create your data import file. In this example, we will use an excel spreadsheet with only

                    the required fields. Fields should match the schema you have or will create. Make sure to save in *.xls format 

                    when creating the file.




                              IMPORTANT! Columns on the spreadsheet to be imported should be in the same order as on the schema as well as
                              have the same name (underscores included)

                               4. Go back to Admin > Utilities > Order Import > Load Import Tools > Click the Ready To Import tab and you 

                               should see the following:


                               5. You should now see a new window appear where you can have a preview of the import before processing. You may 

                               click Continue to finish the import. 



                    If successful you will see the following:


                    NOTE: Failed imports will otherwise produce a report outlining where the import failed on.

                    6. You may now verify that the orders have imported. Go to Customers > View All Customer Orders to see if the orders

                    Imported properly.



            Updated: 22 Aug 2019 06:27 AM
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