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            AdvancePro is crashing when I press Regular Print or run any report

            Error message: AdvancePro has stopped working
            The error occurs when printing using Regular Print option [] or printing any report.

            Check your Operating System Type by opening your Computer Properties, whether it is a 64-bit or a 32-bit machine.

            Check your Product Version (Admin >> Utilities >> About)
            If it is higher than Version then follow these steps:

            1. Take note of your Product Version and make sure you have a copy of the files for its patch. Check with support if you are not sure of this step.
            2. Download the Version 10.1 Patch from our website (link below)
            3. Locate the file on your computer.
            4. Right click on the .exe file and click Properties
            5. Click Unblock and hit OK
            6. Run the patch as instructed on the Read Me file
            7. Try to pull up the reports or to print using regular print option again

            Updated: 24 May 2019 01:19 AM
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